Financial Investigation Services:

Forensic Accounting Services Ltd brings a unique perspective to the area of Financial Investigation. Our team is resourced with licensed private investigators, fraud examiners’, forensic accountants, financial analysts, forensic IT specialists, document examiners, licensed security personnel and legal professionals.

In a seamless way we mix and match the skills necessary to meet the needs of our clients in a cost effective, time sensitive, professional manner.


In the area of Financial Investigation, typically we undertake confidential investigations surrounding:

  • persons involved in alleged or known fraud
  • the financial implications of offences designated under the Crimes Act involving Deception, Dishonesty, Drugs, Proceeds of Crime,
  • persons associated with suspected  false accounting
  • persons and processes linked to alleged and actual money laundering
  • persons alleged  to be engaged in misfeasance under legislation other than the Crimes Act
  • asset acquisition, disposal and trafficking alleged to be linked to Organised Crime
  • asset tracing 
  • personnel , customer & investor background checks