Litigation Support:

We are able to offer assistance throughout the litigation process, including:

  • Pre-trial assessing the merits of financial arguments, assessing and interpreting litigants claims
  • During discovery, through not only the examination of discovered material, but also an assessment of the material that we would have reasonably expect to have been in existence and discovered.
  • Examination and interpretation of financial information, reports, contracts and related materia
  • Electronic document discovery and analysis
  • Preparation of expert reports on matters germane to the authors experience and qualifications
  • Support at mediation or arbitration hearings and pre trial discussions/negotiations
  • Giving expert evidence at trial
  • Advice on questions for cross examination, particularly of opposing expert accountants



Our role may extend from being consulting experts to experts giving evidence in court; the extent of our involvement dependent upon the need for expert financial assistance as determined by litigation counsel.